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Release Date: October 24, 2020


Topic: Is It the Amalgam of Ethnic Harmony Or the Annexation Imposed by Hegemony? -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:是民族和睦的融合还是霸道强加的吞并? -- 魏京生


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Is It the Amalgam of Ethnic Harmony Or the Annexation Imposed by Hegemony?

-- Wei Jingsheng



The History Museum of Nantes City in France cancelled its Mongolian history exhibition because the name Genghis Khan or even the term Mongolian Empire was not allowed by its exhibition partner: Inner Mongolia of China. Then what is expected to exhibit? To forcefully exhibit the falsified history, language and culture? This situation could well use ancient Chinese idioms: Referring to a deer as a horse, or block ones ears while stealing bells.


A group of flattering Chinese literati and scholars came forward to defend the illiterate Xi Jinping, claiming it as ethnic integration. This makes me want to talk about so-called ethnic integration and how should we integrate. So what is the relationship between ethnic equality and equality for all?


The successful ethnic integration in modern times can be said to be represented by the United States, Europe and Japan. Is American culture a British one? Many street names in the USA are not in English, and people with a discerning eye know that they come from Latin, German, and French, etc. The food culture in the USA is even more complicated, and even without too much British characteristic. Is this the result of mandatory use of English? It doesn't seem to be.


Japan is another example of success. For more than a thousand years now, Japan first learned Chinese culture and later Western culture. But they always used Japanese language and even converted Chinese characters into Japanese pronunciation. Does this prevent them from absorbing advanced culture and integrating it into modern Japanese civilization? No.


Any large ethnic group is the result of a cultural amalgam, which is even true with the ethnic minorities. But this integration is not the result of compulsion, but the result of mutual integration on the premise of self-willingness and benefit. This kind of mutually beneficial and voluntary result is the most acceptable result and thus can continue. On the contrary, the result of forced integration into one language and culture is not only imperfect in most cases, but also often unacceptable. It damages the interests and dignity of one or more parties. It will be mostly unsuccessful as pressing down cows heads into water when they do not want to drink.


The so-called Chinese nation itself is the result of continuous integration. The so-called Chinese Huaxia race of three thousand years, in terms of race and ethnicity, was a great amalgam of the Rong race in the west, Di race in the North, Man race in the South, and Yi race in the East. The only difference is that they had implemented different political systems. This is the difference between Huaxia and Manyi. Is Chinese the language of Qin Nation or Chu Nation? Neither. It is the integration of languages and cultures of various nations, with the result that there are so many homophones that need to be distinguished by tones. There were even much more tones in ancient times than now.


The amalgam method in ancient China is relatively reasonable. It separates writing characters and spoken language. The spoken language is not unified even now. Everyone retains their own dialect, but it does not hinder the integration of culture. In a rapidly unifying big country, this is the most acceptable and therefore the most effective integration, and of course the most reasonable integration. This shows that compulsory language integration is not important at all, but it often induces negative feeling and would be unsuccessful.


The least successful example was the forced assimilation policy during the time when Japan occupied China, with compulsory learning of Japanese, eating Japanese food, and using Japanese etiquette. As a result, there was nothing remain when Japan was defeated. However, when China began the opening up policies to learn from the advanced cultures of other countries, eating Japanese and Western food, as well as studying the English language become fashionable. There are even young Chinese, who are learning from the Japanese with the admiration of foreigners, who would dye their hair yellow and pretend to be white people. Could this emulation be done by mandatory decree?


In fact, modern Europe has changed the ancient policies of conquest and coercion. They live in harmony and learn from each other. They keep their own language and writing, and are forming a large European culture and a unified community. The Europeans have left the course running in a natural way which is not slow. It is the best way so that people do not have negative feelings. However, the Chinese Communist Party has learned from the unsuccessful colonial culture of the West and implemented a hegemonic policy of ethnic annexations. Its failure can be expected soon.


I support both independence and unification. Independence is a natural response to being oppressed and harmed. This is the reason for the independence of the United States. Unification is a response under the premise of mutual respect and maximization of interests. Europe is gradually moving towards unification. The Soviets changed all the names of the Kazakhs to Russian and forced them to forget their ancestors, but did it prevent the Kazakhs from seeking independence to form Kazakhstan? The United States speaks a different English, yet retains the excellent culture of all races and nationalities. Why are there so many that tried so hard to join the United States? Isn't it clear which one is better?



(This English version is translated by Ciping HUANG, without any compensation. Wei Jingsheng and the Wei Jingsheng Foundation appreciate her decades of contribution, especially for allowing the use and distribution of her translations of these commentaries.)


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(Written on October 22 and recorded on October 23, 2020. Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia on October 23, 2020.)


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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article: A1330-W945


Release Date: October 24, 2020


Topic: Is It the Amalgam of Ethnic Harmony Or the Annexation Imposed by Hegemony? -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:是民族和睦的融合还是霸道强加的吞并? -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)








-- 魏京生









日本是另一个成功 的例证。一千多年来他们先是学习中国文化,后来又学习西方文化,但始终都使用日语,甚至把汉字变换成日语读音。这妨碍了他们吸收先进文化,融合成现代日本文明吗?没有。





























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