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Release Date: August 25, 2021


Topic: As the U.S. Troops Withdraw from Afghanistan, the CCPs trouble Is Coming -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:美军撤出阿富汗,中共的麻烦来了 -- 魏京生


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As the U.S. Troops Withdraw from Afghanistan, the CCPs trouble Is Coming

-- Wei Jingsheng



With the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, international and domestic public opinion thinks that the opportunity for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is here. In particular, the CCPs agents on the Internet are very excited. They responded to the call of Hua Chunying, spokesperson of the CCPs "Strategic Fooling Bureau", and directly sang the praises of the Taliban and even encouraged the CCP leadership to take over Afghanistan. They felt that this is the best time to combat the face of "US imperialism," but they didn't realize that they have lost their essence and fallen into a trap of trouble. The last two administrations of the United States were aggressive enough, and the US officials and advisors are smart enough.


What kind of trap is this? Simply put, it is called the trap of extremist expansion. Everyone is worried that the encouraged Islamic fundamental extremists may cause terrorist activities similar to 9/11 in the United States and Europe. I don't think so. That is because the Taliban are more advanced than the hillbillies 20 years ago. After 20 years of failure and training at Guantanamo Bay, they are much more politically mature than they used to be.


You see how smart they are: Just like the generals of the Eastern Jin Dynasty in the Battle of Feishui, they persuaded the enemy to retreat and give up the battle; then they took advantage of the opportunity of the discouraged enemy to win a big victory in one strike; they also learned to pay to those soldiers to travel back home who had not gotten their payment for serving the military, meanwhile handed over high-priced modern equipment. The so-called making the soldiers surrender without a fight had captured the psychological weakness of the enemy. It's hard to say whether there were CCP officers explaining Sun Tzu's Art of War to them.


Xi Jinping's team is on the same level as their mentally handicapped Internet agents. They think that with a little public opinion and financial support, they could buy out the Taliban. This is a wrong calculation. The victory of the Taliban has given them great confidence that they must and will take on the task of expanding Islamic extremism, and they will not make the mistakes they made 20 years ago to provoke the United States and Russia. Who will be most suitable for them to make trouble for then? China is the most suitable.


The most severely persecuted Muslim area in the surrounding areas of Afghanistan and the one condemned by the whole world is Xinjiang under the rule of the Chinese Communist regime.


Now the CCP is in great trouble. If there was an Asian 9/11 in Beijing, the Chinese would definitely be angry, with protests, uprisings and even coups being possible. Xi Jinping can only be forced to suppress this trouble with all his strength and send troops in large numbers. The unlucky ones are the ordinary people in Xinjiang. But if you don't take out the root of the disease, it will continue to harm you.


What to do then? Only by sending troops into Afghanistan, could the root cause of the problem be solved. If they say that they are going to fight against the United States and send troops to Taiwan, it is just a bragging for these patriotic Chinese. Even if Xi Jinping dares, the Chinese generals in active service will not dare; that is called making ones own death. But fighting an unpopular little Taliban is a piece of cake for the generals who have not had a chance for many years to practice. What's more, the Chinese army has a tradition of fighting in the mountains with guerrilla warfare, along with the convenience of logistical supplies, which is different from the US military that only fights regular warfare. The Chinese army is confident to be able to smash the Taliban and completely solve the problem of Islamic terrorism.


Regarding the ingenious layout of the two-term US leaders, one should not say anything beforehand. As the old saying goes, a true gentleman is a person who watches the game without saying a word. Is there a solution to Xi Jinping's stinky move? There is a solution. That is to support the anti-Taliban forces in terms of funds, weapons, and personnel. Like the ancient Chinese strategy to surround the Country of Wei, in an effort to save the Country of Zhao. In this way, the CCP will completely turn against the Taliban. With the assistance and support of the West and countries like Saudi Arabia, the situation in Xinjiang will become more serious, until eventually the CCP have to step into Afghanistan, the so-called imperial trap.


What to do when there are traps everywhere? The good show is yet to come.



(This English version is translated by Ciping HUANG, without any compensation. Wei Jingsheng and the Wei Jingsheng Foundation appreciate her decades of contribution, especially for allowing the use and distribution of her translations of these commentaries.)


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(Written and recorded on August 23, 2021. Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia on August 24, 2021.)


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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article: A1409-W1012



Release Date: August 25, 2021


Topic: As the U.S. Troops Withdraw from Afghanistan, the CCPs trouble Is Coming -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:美军撤出阿富汗,中共的麻烦来了 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)












































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