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Release Date: September 18, 2021


Topic: Why Xi Jinping Wants to Crack Down the Fan Circles -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:为什么习近平要打击饭圈? -- 魏京生


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Why Xi Jinping Wants to Crack Down the Fan Circles

-- Wei Jingsheng



Over the recent years, there are too many new terms, with some translated from English so that ordinary people like me cannot understand. I finally understand the words fan circle as a new terminology that combines Chinese and English: fan is not the Chinese word of cooked rice to eat, but it is fan in English. Fan circle is the circle of fans. Since the Internet is now extremely developed, these circles are not small, but a large circles with numbers of members similar to the members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Can the CCP not to be afraid? So don't mistake that rectifying the fan circles is Xi Jinping's personal preference; it is the need of the CCPs one-party dictatorship.


Xi Jinping's wife, Peng Liyuan, was a famous singer. He should know better than other bureaucrats what a fan circle is and how powerful it is. Although there may not necessarily be as many CCP members in terms of numbers, they are circles of voluntary fanaticism, and their energy is many times larger than that of the CCP circle. Although it's just related to singing, dancing and watching movies now, if possible, wouldn't it be a hidden danger that will shake the CCP circle? Out of the need to eliminate hidden dangers and to eradicate them in the budding state, it got on the agenda of Xi Jinping and his CCP chieftains.


In addition, the literary and art circles are not so rigorous, and poets are often half crazy. No one would take this seriously in normal society. For example, in modern foreign countries and ancient China, no one would take it seriously as long as the Puritans and Muslim extremists were not in power, and it may even contribute to a good gossip. The great poet Bai Juyi (1200 years ago) is still a celebrity although he wrote the lyrics for the brothels. Has anyone discriminated against him because of this, saying that he does not deserve to be called as a great poet? Of course, the Communist Party should be classified as Puritan, thus it is logical for the CCP to discriminate against literati.


Speaking of the bromance tradition of liking beautiful men in Chinese culture, I am no longer an expert. One should ask the CCP bigwigs who tout (famous Peking Opera leading singer) Mei Lanfang whether the love of beautiful men came from South Korea or from China? The average Chinese folks do not have the right to say. South Korea and Japan, which belong to the big Chinese cultural circle, all have the artistic model of beautiful men. There will be people behaving so if they are liked. I really dislike these female-like beautiful men, but I still love to listen to Mei Lanfang's operas. Is this contradictory? I do not think so. This time the CCP is not really attacking the so called beautiful men, nor it is jealous of these people who are making big money, but that the big wigs of the fan circles are gradually entering the business and political circles. The bureaucrats themselves should be blamed, as they like these beautiful stars and money. This issue has also existed since ancient times, and it did not come in from Korea.


The ancient emperors didn't care that the literati violated the obedience and virtues, and they also liked to read the glamorous words and music of pleasure by the literati. During the even older time (of almost 2700 years ago), (the blind politician and musician) Shi Kuang warned Duke Wen of Jin to stay away from the music of pleasure to avoid subjugation. There is also Master Confucius who guided people to listen to the so-called Shao Music (of high moral value). And even touted that music would go around the house beams for three days and make you ignore the delicious taste of meat. However, since ancient times, it has been the music of pleasure taking the world by storm, and several hundred years later, no one even known about Master Confucius Shao Music. What's the reason? One could figure it out oneself.


Why didnt the ancient emperors care, but now the CCP cares so much? The common Chinese all know that the CCPs Puritan culture is flashlight-like: they hide their own secrets deeply of girlfriends and lovers, and don't shy away from the public mistress sort of thing (that violates the typical morality). Then why cant they tolerate these beautiful men? Of course, its okay for them to have a celebrity beauty to be a wife or a mistress. For the old husband and wife, its even okay to have younger and healthier men as boyfriends as long as it is not publicized. For gender equality, if you allow (the womanizer) Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty, then why not Wu Zetian (the de facto ruler during the Tang dynasty and the only official female emperor in the Chinese history, who had many young lovers)? This admission is to modernize and be in line with international standards.


However, the prerequisite for everything is that the foundation of dictatorship cannot be shaken, even if it has such a possibility. After all, modern emperors do not have the natural legitimacy of ancient emperors, nor do they have the prestige of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping due to history. This is the reality that the emperor dreamers after Yuan Shikai (who ended the Qing dynasty rule of China in 1912, later becoming the Emperor of the Empire of China for 83 days) have to face. Without going through the big waves in the big rivers, the boat may capsize in the small river or ditch. This is the plight of His Majesty Xi Jinping.


The poor in China have suffered and now it is the turn for the rich. The bureaucrats in China have been arrested, followed by the PLA generals in the military, and now even those who sing, dance and act in movies cannot escape. When the dictator offends the whole society, his end may not be better than Emperor Chongzhen (who hanged himself on a tree as the rioters attacked Beijing). At least they were buried respectfully by their enemies. Xi is the wannabe Emperor Yang of Sui yet without his talent to be able to be passed on to later generations. This dictator may also likely cause his ancestors to be taken out of their tombs and whiplashed. Is protecting the CCP really that important?



(This English version is translated by Ciping HUANG, without any compensation. Wei Jingsheng and the Wei Jingsheng Foundation appreciate her decades of contribution, especially for allowing the use and distribution of her translations of these commentaries.)


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(Written and recorded on September 14, 2021. Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia on Sept. 15, 2021.)


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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article: A1415-W1018



Release Date: September 18, 2021


Topic: Why Xi Jinping Wants to Crack Down the Fan Circles -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:为什么习近平要打击饭圈? -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生


































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