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Release Date: January 21, 2021



Topic: Beijing Cut the Biden and Trump Administrations, but Could Not Cut Off the Continuation of US Policy Toward China -- Voice of America report

标题:北京切割拜特两朝,却无法割断美国对华政策的延续 -- 美国之音报道


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Beijing Cut the Biden and Trump Administrations, but Could Not Cut Off the Continuation of US Policy Toward China (excerpt)

January 21, 2021 10:24

-- Report by Yu Zhou, Voice of America



On January 20, Joe Biden took over after Trump and was sworn to become the 46th President of the United States.  At the same time, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs promptly announced sanctions against 28 Trump administration officials, including former Secretary of State Pompeo, prohibiting them and their families from entering China and doing business with China.  Some analysts say that Beijing’s move is intended to cut the former US government from the new government, expecting the Biden administration to allow the Chinese government to recover from the plight of US-China relations.  However, the current US stance on China is not the imagination result of President Trump and some of his staff.


Hua Chunying, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the day before: “I hope that the new US government will meet China halfway and push China-US relations back to the right track as soon as possible.”  Hua Chunying also criticized Pompeo and other former officials for "lying, deceiving, spreading hatred and confrontation", etc.


Before leaving office, on Twitter, Secretary of State Pompeo summed up the measures taken by the Trump administration in response to the Chinese Communist threat, including closing the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, sanctioning Chinese Communist officials who violated human rights in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, lifting the self-restraints regarding US-Taiwan officials’ exchanges, treating Chinese official media and Confucius Institutes in the United States as foreign missions, denying recognition of China’s claims to most of the rights in the South China Sea, imposing tariffs on Chinese goods, and restricting the access by Huawei and other companies associated with the Chinese military to American technology and capital, etc.


General H.R. McMaster, a former national security adviser to the Trump administration, recently wrote an article in The Washington Post with the headline "Biden would do the world a favor by keeping Trump’s China policy."


The article said, "Elements of Trump’s policies toward China are eminently worth preserving."


McMaster pointed out in the article that many people took little notice during a week when the House of Representatives voted for impeachment that the Trump administration released a partially declassified document entitled “U.S. Strategic Framework for the Indo-Pacific.”


"That document, and the collaborative work across the U.S. government during the year that preceded it, effected the most significant shift in U.S. foreign policy since the end of the Cold War.” McMaster said.


The "The Diplomat" magazine in the US stated that this document was released in February 2018 and was classified as confidential at the time and could not be disclosed to foreigners.


McMaster said that the (China policy) shift was long overdue, because U.S. policy between the end of the Cold War and 2017 was based on a flawed assumption: that China, having been welcomed into the international order, would play by the rules, and, as it prospered, would liberalize its economy and, ultimately, its form of governance.  "Instead, the Chinese Communist Party pursued an increasingly aggressive agenda, exploiting the United States’ policy of cooperation and engagement.”


Wei Jingsheng, chairman of the "Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition" and the "Wei Jingsheng Foundation", pointed out in an article to Radio Free Asia that with the current political atmosphere in the United States, the US Congress and the people will not let the Biden Administration retreat to the appeasement policy of the past.


Wei Jingsheng said: "The dictatorial system in China has enabled it to be successful by controlling a few people at the top.  But democratic countries are different.  If you can't control the American people, you can't control the Congress; if you can't control the Congress, it still will not work even if you controlled the White House."


Dr. Wu Qiang, a political observer in Beijing, told VOA: “Trump is an elusive leader; Biden is a more predictable politician and does not have a strong personal touch, so that means that after he takes office, he will represent the common will of the two parties in the U.S. Congress."


Wei Jingsheng said that in the US system the Congress makes policy and the executive branch executes it.  The majority of the two political parties will not agree to retreat to the appeasement policy. 


Wei Jingsheng pointed out: "And as most observers around the world have said, the Biden administration can only continue what the Trump administration has begun, and unite with allies besides Europe so its effect will even exceed what the Trump administration did."


Wei also pointed out: " Jiang Zemin and his successes used deception and bribery to secure the American leadership…  But that was when the American people were deceived by these elites.  Now after the four years of Trump’s administration, the United States and the world have woken up.  Will Jiang Zemin's trick still work?"


McMaster, a former national security adviser to the Trump administration, pointed out that the Biden administration should be confident in the free world’s ability to compete effectively with the CCP and its authoritarian, mercantilist model.


He pointed out: "In the past year, the United States has been sorely tested by pandemic, recession, social division and political strife, but our republic has proved resilient.  It is up to the task of working with partners to defend the free world from Chinese Communist Party aggression."



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article: A1353-W966



Release Date: January 21, 2021



Topic: Beijing Cut the Biden and Trump Administrations, but Could Not Cut Off the Continuation of US Policy Toward China -- Voice of America report

标题:北京切割拜特两朝,却无法割断美国对华政策的延续 -- 美国之音报道


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)








北京切割拜特两朝,却无法割断美国对华政策的延续 (节选)

2021121 10:24

-- 美国之音雨舟报道









曾任特朗普政府国安顾问的麦克马斯特将军(H.R. McMaster)日前撰文《华盛顿邮报》,标题为“拜登保留特朗普的对华政策,功在全球”。





































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