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Release Date: January 1, 2021



Topic: Zhang Zhan's Heavy Sentence and Xi Jinping's Dilemma -- Voice of America report

标题:张展的重判与习近平的困境 -- 美国之音报道


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Zhang Zhan's Heavy Sentence and Xi Jinping's Dilemma

December 31, 2020 19:34

-- Jin Zhe, Voice of America



Washington —

For truthfully reporting the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic, Zhang Zhan, a former lawyer and citizen journalist in Shanghai, was severely sentenced to 4 years in prison by a court controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on December 28.  With the news that Zhang Zhan was sentenced to severe punishment, some observers pointed out that such cruel treatment of Zhang Zhan by the Chinese authorities headed by Xi Jinping actually made it more difficult to reverse the trend of thought that it was Xi Jinping’s dictatorial actions which led to a worldwide catastrophe.


Zhang Zhan Was So Severely Punished


The Wuhan pneumonia pandemic is the new type of coronavirus that originated in Wuhan in 2019 and then spread throughout China and the world, causing a global catastrophe that has not seen an end.


While public health researchers and government public health authorities around the world are still struggling to deal with the pandemic that is still developing to this day, many countries, including China’s ally Iran and the United States, which Iran hates, believe that during a long period since the start of the outbreak it was the CCP authorities trying to conceal and downplay the epidemic which turned what should have been a local public health crisis in China into a global disaster.


The CCP regime’s authoritarian blockade of information has led to a worldwide catastrophe.  This narrative has become the most popular narrative about the new coronavirus epidemic in the world today.  The CCP regime’s dictatorial actions have been criticized by many observers and commentators from China and abroad.  It is generally believed that it is due to Xi Jinping’s dictatorship.


Zhang Zhan was sentenced to 4 years in prison by the CCP headed by Xi Jinping in the name of provocation just because she went to Wuhan to report the actual situation of the epidemic.  This situation seems to have further strengthened people’s minds that Xi Jinping’s autocratic dictatorship in China has caused a worldwide catastrophe.


Hong Kong media person Jin Zhong said: "With this case of Zhang Zhan we can see the whole situation about the CCP-led anti-epidemic.  Their so-called success against the epidemic is disgraceful, Illegal, inhumane, and without adherence to the rule of law.  I think that Zhang Zhan’s arrest and sentence illustrates such a situation.  She is such a person, a female reporter, and a weak person.  Yet they dared to commit such cruel conduct."


Wei Jingsheng, a Chinese human rights and democracy activist, said: "What did Zhang Zhan do?  She just took some live videos and put them on the Internet.  Can this be a crime?  No, it’s not even an attack on the government.  She just took some videos of real situations.  Who is most afraid of telling the truth?  That is the person who did bad things.  The person who did bad things is not only lying, but also doing bad things."


What Does "Personally Deployed and Personally Commanded" Mean?


In today's China, the propaganda department of the Communist regime emphasizes that China's hundreds of millions of people, and all government departments and officials must absolutely obey the command of the central government, that is Xi Jinping.  In addition, Xi Jinping himself also publicly stated in a meeting with WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus that China’s response to the epidemic has always been “personally deployed and personally directed” by himself.


However, Xi Jinping himself and Xi Jinping’s propaganda team have always obviously avoided an important issue that many Chinese public and the international community are concerned about.  The issue is, when the epidemic first occurred and developed, that is, when it was most promising to control the epidemic in some parts of China, who specifically ordered the blockade and downplaying of the epidemic news that led to the spread of the pandemic.


Many observers in China and abroad pointed out that Xi Jinping himself claimed that he gave specific instructions on the prevention and control of the epidemic on January 7, 2020.  But for unknown reasons or concerns, as of now, the Chinese authorities and Xi Jinping himself have not announced what instructions Xi Jinping gave on that day.


On January 23, 2020, when the deadly Wuhan pneumonia spread rapidly across China and attracted the attention of countries around the world, the authorities of Wuhan, with a population of more than 10 million, announced an unprecedented closure of the city to stop the spread of the epidemic.  A few hours later, Xi Jinping, as the CCP General Secretary and the President of China, delivered a speech at the Spring Festival Reunion in Beijing without mentioning Wuhan, Wuhan’s closure, or the pandemic.


Analysts pointed out that on New Year's Day 2020, China Central Television, CCTV, which publicly declared allegiance to Xi Jinping, continuously broadcasted more than a dozen times the so-called eight people who were reprimanded by public security authorities for “spreading rumors about the Wuhan pneumonia pandemic”.  This threatening so-called press release has caused every doctor in China to feel the risk, and no one dares to talk about the pandemic.  Those who were so admonished by the CCP’s public security organs included Wuhan doctor Li Wenliang.  Li Wenliang later died of the pandemic, the so-called rumor defined by the Communist authorities.


As the state media controlled by the CCP, such as China Central Television, vigorously broadcasted the admonitions over so-called rumors and threatened the public, it also vigorously broadcasted misleading so-called "positive energy" news, including a large-scale public event "tens-thousand families banquet" with joy that was held on January 18, 2020, as the pandemic was exploding.  At the same time, the CCP’s online public opinion control department was fully engaged, vigorously deleting tens-thousands of private posts about the pandemic on the Chinese Internet.


At the beginning of 2020, tens-thousands of Chinese people were contracted the virus without knowing it during the information blockade and misleading propaganda of the Chinese Communist regime.  This caused the pandemic to expand rapidly and spread to the whole world.


Why Use Such a Severe Method to Forbid People from Speaking?


When commenting that the CCP regime headed by Xi Jinping sentenced Zhang Zhan to a heavy sentence just because Zhang Zhan visited the Wuhan pandemic area and reported the actual situation of the Wuhan pneumonia pandemic, Wei Jingsheng said: "That the CCP uses such a severe method to prohibit people from speaking means it is guilty as a thief, which shows that it is sensitive and that there is a hidden truth behind it.  This problem is very serious.  Thus the whole world reacted very strongly to Zhang Zhan's sentence."


Critics pointed out that the Chinese judicial organs under Xi Jinping did not even bother to persecute Zhang Zhan on unrelated charges.  The CCP controlled prosecutors accused Zhang Zhan of publishing so-called "problematic remarks" through Weibo, WeChat and Youtube, but neither cited Zhang Zhan’s articles or text, nor played the Youtube video produced by Zhang Zhan.


At the same time, some Chinese netizens complained that their social media WeChat accounts were banned simply because they mentioned Zhang Zhan's name.


While countries in the world, including China, are still struggling with the new coronavirus pandemic, news of Zhang Zhan’s sentence for reporting the pandemic truth has become world news.  The United States and the European Union demanded that the Chinese authorities immediately release Zhang Zhan.


Some analysts think that if the Xi Jinping authorities respond to the international community’s call for the release of Zhang Zhan, it will not only to benefit Zhang Zhan and her family, but also to Xi Jinping himself.  Others say that the only way for Xi Jinping to escape guilt on the pandemic is to release Zhang Zhan and rehabilitate Zhang Zhan in order to show the international community that he is not responsible for blocking information about the pandemic that ultimately lead to a world catastrophe.


Is It Possible for Xi Jinping to Order the Release of Zhang Zhan?


As many people think that Xi Jinping’s release of Zhang Zhan will benefit Zhang Zhan, China, and Xi Jinping himself, is it possible for Xi Jinping to order the release of Zhang Zhan?  Wei Jingsheng said that this issue is not suspenseful.  He said: "I don't think it's possible, because Xi Jinping has indeed done bad things.  He has indeed done a lot of shameless bad things that could not be exposed to light.  In this case, if he releases Zhang Zhan, it is equivalent to encouraging a lot of people who know the truth to come out to expose it.  Then it would be even more difficult for Xi to escape."


Jin Zhong, a senior Hong Kong media person, also believes that it is impossible for Xi Jinping to order the release of Zhang Zhan, and Xi does not care that the CCP’s judicial authorities under his control that severely sentenced Zhang Zhan only further confirmed to the Chinese public and the international community that Xi was the one who ordered the blockade and downplay of the news of the pandemic.  Jin said: "He is like a dead pig now, and he is not afraid of boiling water.  He is completely shameless."


On the other hand, some commentators pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party and Xi Jinping authorities are not really not afraid of boiling water, but are very sensitive to the public opinion of the Chinese people and the international community.  Otherwise, the Chinese Communist Party does not need to spend such a huge amount of manpower and resources to block critical voices and news reports from home and abroad.


In addition, some critics also pointed out the book "The Great Power Fights Against Pandemic -- 2020 China's ongoing fight against the new crown pneumonia pandemic", which has been vigorously promoted by the Chinese Communist Party's official media and praises Xi Jinping's leadership in China's fight against the pandemic, suddenly was taken off the bookshelves across China amidst condemnation from China and abroad.  This situation also clearly shows that Xi Jinping and his regime are highly sensitive to public opinion.



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article: A1351-W964



Release Date: January 1, 2021



Topic: Zhang Zhan's Heavy Sentence and Xi Jinping's Dilemma -- Voice of America report

标题:张展的重判与习近平的困境 -- 美国之音报道


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









20201231 19:34

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