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Release Date: October 9, 2021



Topic: U.S. Suspends Sales of Nuclear Materials to China, Expert Concerned About the Threat of Nuclear Weapons – The Epoch Times & NTDtv Interview Huang Ciping

标题:美国暂停向中共售核材料,专家忧核武威胁 -- 大纪元时报与新唐人电视台对黄慈萍的采访


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U.S. Suspends Sales of Nuclear Materials to China, Expert Concerned About the Threat of Nuclear Weapons



[Epoch Times, October 07, 2021] (Interviewed by Epoch Times reporters Chang Chun and Li Yun) Recently, the US nuclear energy regulator decided to suspend its authorization to transport radioactive materials and hydrogen isotopes used in the nuclear reactors of the largest nuclear power company in China.  According to expert analysis, the main reason is the concern that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is vigorously developing nuclear weapons and threatening the world.


The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued an order on the "Federal Register" website on October 1, signed on September 27.


The order stated that the administrative department, in accordance with relevant regulations, suspends the general licensing rights of China's largest state-owned nuclear power company -- China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) and entities related to it.

The order also stated that the White House confirmed that the suspension decision is “necessary to further promote the national security interests of the United States and strengthen the common defense and security of the United States under the Atomic Energy Act as amended in 1954.”  The temporarily banned raw materials include radioactive materials and deuterium, a non-radioactive isotope of hydrogen used in heavy water fission reactors in nuclear power plants.


Huang Ciping, a former nuclear physicist at the Ministry of Nuclear Industry of China, told The Epoch Times that "deuterium, tritium, and lithium are very important elements in the production of hydrogen bombs.  There is a very important reason for the US embargo on these materials."


"Those of us who have lived and worked in China know that the CCP often obtains military secrets and parts in the name of so-called civilian use.  China General Nuclear Power is actually such an institution."  Huang Ciping said.


In 2016, the U.S. government sued China General Nuclear Power and a Taiwanese American citizen and his company for “conspiring to illegally engage in and participate in the development and production of special nuclear materials in China”.  In August 2019, the Trump administration blacklisted CGN and its related entities because these companies are trying to obtain advanced U.S. technology and materials that can be used for military purposes.


Huang Ciping said that some time ago, the Taishan nuclear power plant incident in China was actually not that simple.  On the surface, nuclear power plants are for civilian use.  In fact, they have many military uses.  For example, they can produce the plutonium needed for nuclear bombs, especially for small nuclear warheads.


In early June, the French part of the joint venture revealed that Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in Guangdong, China, had increased concentrations of rare gases and was facing radiological threats.


Admiral of the USA: The CCP Will Double the Number of Its Nuclear Warheads in Ten Years


On August 12, a senior general of the US military, Navy Admiral Charles Richard, said at the Space and Missile Defense Symposium that the CCP is developing a new generation of nuclear power plants that may produce large amounts of plutonium that can be used to make nuclear weapons.  He also said that the CCP’s nuclear capability and the number of nuclear warheads will be doubled within 10 years.


A report submitted by the Pentagon to Congress last year also stated that currently the CCP has more than 200 nuclear warheads, which will be at least doubled in 10 years.


Huang Ciping said, “An authoritarian regime like the CCP vigorously developing its nuclear weapons is devastating to the world.  The Biden administration continues the Trump administration’s policies and even further sanctions the CCP.  I think it’s very appropriate.  Otherwise, once nuclear weapons proliferated and a nuclear war began, the consequences would be disastrous."


The CCP Has Already Posed Large Enough Threat to the World


Liu Qing, the former chairman of "Human Rights in China", also thinks that the nuclear weapons and delivery weapons in the hands of the CCP have already posed a large enough threat to the world.  If there is no better way to stop its dangerous development, the world will always be threatened by the CCP.


Huang Ciping said that the CCP’s recent series of provocative actions in the Taiwan Strait and its series of wolf warrior diplomatic stances have caused great concern to the entire world.  Moreover, the CCP’s nuclear capabilities have surpassed Russia and North Korea, and its nuclear threat has also surpassed Russia and North Korea.


Huang Ciping said that in the past two to three decades, the CCP has learned and stolen many advanced technologies, including nuclear technology, from democratic countries such as the United States, France, and the United Kingdom.  Now the United States is sanctioning the CCP and restricting the export of nuclear materials.  It is not too late to make up for it.


"Tt is a very terrifying vision if the CCP's nuclear weapons get doubled."  Huang Ciping said, so that the United States did this with the cooperation of other countries, including the United Kingdom, is a reassurance for the people of the world -- at least knowing the development of CCP’s nuclear weapons will not be that huge.


The British journal "The Guardian" revealed on September 25 that the UK is close to reaching an agreement.  If the agreement is reached, China General Nuclear Power will no longer participate in the construction of the UK's new nuclear power plants.


Huang Ciping said that both political parties in the United States, the entire American people, the European and American democracies, and even people all over the world are now aware of the threat of the CCP.  Therefore, the decision made by the United States and the United Kingdom in this regard is very correct.


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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article: A1419-W1022



Release Date: October 9, 2021



Topic: U.S. Suspends Sales of Nuclear Materials to China, Expert Concerned About the Threat of Nuclear Weapons – The Epoch Times & NTDtv Interview Huang Ciping

标题:美国暂停向中共售核材料,专家忧核武威胁 -- 大纪元时报与新唐人电视台对黄慈萍的采访


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