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Release Date: February 15, 2021



Topic: CCP Propaganda Put-up Another Show of Xi Caring for the Chinese People -- Voice of America report

标题:习近平最新亲民秀看点何在 -- 美国之音报道


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CCP Propaganda Put-up Another Show of Xi Caring for the Chinese People (excerpt)

February 15, 2021 19:29

-- Reported by: Jin Zhe, Voice of America



Washington —

Some observers in China and abroad pointed out that since Xi Jinping became the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in mid-November 2012, and thus became the most powerful person in China, an obvious feature of Xi Jinping’s regime is the personal propaganda and even the cult-style propaganda by the Chinese official media which is getting more and more intense, while this propaganda is often carried by showing Xi Jinping’s caring of the people.  The recent visit to Guizhou by Xi Jinping is the latest Xi Jinping caring people show and personal promotion by the Chinese state media under the control of Xi Jinping.  This propaganda has caused some observers and critics to compare Xi Jinping with Mao Zedong, the former CCP dictator he admires.


Observers pointed out that personal propaganda and personality cult style worship propaganda are taboos for ordinary people, ordinary officials, and even the top officials in China today, except Xi Jinping.  This exception is shown daily in the Chinese official media and on the Internet which is controlled by the Chinese government.  After Xi Jinping visited Guizhou, this display became even more concentrated.  In the past a few days, Chinese state media has been full of Xi Jinping propaganda such as follows:

——Nine photos illustrates Xi Jinping's trip to Guizhou

——Xi Jinping visited Guizhou, these details are intriguing

——Efforts to create a new future of a colorful Guizhou with wealthy people and beautiful ecology

——[Biography of Xi Jinping] The General Secretary goes down to the grassroots level, with the most sincere warmth

——General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Guizhou to visit with caring for cadres and masses of all ethnic groups on the eve of the Spring Festival, arousing warm responses

——(CCP Tianjin) Municipal Committee of the CCP held a meeting to study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech during his investigation in Guizhou


Wei Jingsheng, a veteran Chinese human rights and democracy activist, said that since Xi Jinping came to power, he has been rehearsing such flashy people-caring shows, and then dispatched his promoters to sing praises to him, but the Chinese people are not fooled.  They judge a leader good or bad, not by how many shows he staged, but by whether he did good deeds to benefit the Chinese people.


Wei Jingsheng’s comment on Xi Jinping’s latest people-caring show in Guizhou is that this kind of people-caring show obviously is for the purpose to prove that Xi Jinping cares about the people, but “In fact, this exactly illustrates that usually he doesn’t care about the people.  Because Xi has this defect, so he need to do it to compensate.  This is an important point."


Wei Jingsheng's statement that Xi Jinping does not care about the Chinese people has also been recognized by many observers and the Chinese people.  For example, when Xi Jinping came to power, in order to show that he was close to the people, he once preached that he would not block roads in order to try his best to reduce disturbance to the people.  But over time, wherever Xi Jinping went, the authorities were like treating people as enemies and paralyzing half a city or even a whole city, which shows that Xi Jinping and his subordinates did not care about the livelihood of the people.




Wei Jingsheng, a senior human rights and democracy activist in China, said that Xi Jinping and his predecessor Mao Zedong, whom Xi admired and imitated, liked to promote themselves and deceive the public through people-caring shows.  During the Mao Zedong’s era, the CCP authorities deceived the people, and most Chinese really believed him, except for very few people who knew the inside truth.  For example, during the great famine caused by the economic crisis created by the CCP, the CCP propaganda claimed that Mao Zedong did not eat meat in order to share the pain and sorrows with the Chinese people.  It was only later that people learned that Mao had eaten all kinds of delicacies during that period.


Regarding Xi Jinping and his propaganda team's latest round of publicity for his people-caring show, Wei Jingsheng thinks that their propaganda cannot be successful and can only fail.  Wei said: "The predecessors of the liar have deceived too much already.  As a liar, he can't use the tricks that are recognized by everyone already, yet he is still using these tricks.  When the people see these, they laugh at it.  When these tricks are compared with his predecessors, he has failed too much.  He is just a failed liar.”



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article: A1361-W973



Release Date: February 15, 2021



Topic: CCP Propaganda Put-up Another Show of Xi Caring for the Chinese People -- Voice of America report

标题:习近平最新亲民秀看点何在 -- 美国之音报道


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









2021215 19:29

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