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Release Date: May 23, 2021



Topic: Wei Jingsheng’s Letter to Dolkun Isa and the World Uyghur Congress



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Wei Jingsheng’s Letter to Dolkun Isa, President of the World Uyghur Congress



May 23, 2021 

Dear President Dolkun Isa and leaders of the World Uyghur Congress:    


Mr. Dolkun Isa wrote in a letter: "There is no difference between the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Wei Jingsheng.  I am deeply disappointed in his strong Chinese nationalism and imperialism ideas."  His words also made me very disappointed.  Making judgments based on rumors and partiality will inevitably make mistakes. 


Will the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs oppose the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)?  Will the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs say that people of all ethnic groups have their independent rights?  Will the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs support Western sanctions against the CCP for Xinjiang concentration camps?  Will the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs guarantee to the US government that the World Uyghur Congress is not a terrorist organization?  Will the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs go to Lyon, France to protest against Interpol regarding its red notice given to Mr. Dolkun Isa?   And there is more.  Are these actions attributable to: "strong Chinese nationalism and imperialist ideas"?  Your Chinese is good enough that you should read my recent articles and tweets for yourself.  You should not only follow those who are close to you and believe in rumors, instead of making a rational judgment. 


My consistent stand, as well as the stand of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, has always been to respect the rights of people of all ethnic groups to fight for independence, and oppose the launching of terrorism against civilians on the grounds of nationalism.  Not only we oppose the terrorist activities of Palestinians bombing buses, but also we oppose the terrorist activities of Chinese Islamic extremists bombing buses.  We oppose hatred incitement directed against the Han Chinese as we all against the tyranny of Chinese Communist regime.  We are concerned about and support the struggle for democracy and freedom of the people of all ethnic groups including the Han nationality.  Our position is consistent and will not change in the future.  Don’t you recognize this position anymore? 


I remember that when I first met you in Munich, we talked about the issue of targeting Chinese Communist tyranny and not the common people.  Many talks afterwards also discussed the strategy of the Chinese Communist agents, which was to use extreme nationalism to instigate the conflicts between the various ethnic resistance movements to achieve the CCP’s goal to divide and rule.  There definitely will be discrimination and conflicts among ethnic groups.  Even big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou still discriminate against non-locals, Chinese across the country still discriminate against Henanese, intellectuals still discriminate against people without academic degrees.  This kind of general discrimination is widespread, but it does not limit people living in harmony and living together.  These “discriminations” are completely different from the nature of mutual hatred. 


I also remember that after the 1st World Uyghur Congress, you entrusted a respected old man to Paris to inform me your new policy includes targeting the Chinese Communist tyranny instead of the common people; including your intention to cooperate with various ethnic opposition groups to resist Chinese Communist tyranny.  We also have a division of work in private: you persuade the extremists within your group and we persuade the nationalists within the Han nationality, in order to strengthen cooperation and jointly resist the tyranny of Chinese Communist regime. 


Our work is going well.  Not only the pro-democracy activists, but also ordinary Han Chinese have also increased their sympathy and support for the independence movement of ethnic minorities.  It seems that your work is not going well.  After the July 2009 Ürümqi riots, incidents of indiscriminate killing of the Han people in various places have caused people's perception and sympathy to regress greatly.  From the recent controversy, people feel that the Uyghurs have officially turned: targeting the Han Chinese rather than Chinese Communist tyranny has become the mainstream thinking.  Islamic extremism occupies the mainstream voice.  Some Han Chinese intellectual with suspicious identities no doubt also contributed to the situation, causing some people to go into a state of madness. 


If one continues to insist on nationalism and religious extremism, there may be two futures.    


One is the massacre of civilians, which would create good reasons for the CCP to massacre Uyghur civilians.  Not only will the Han Chinese no longer give sympathy to the Uyghurs, the international community will also greatly reduce its sympathy for terrorists.  The suffering of the Palestinian people would be the future of the Uyghur people. 


One possibility might be as you expected: turmoil would occur in Mainland China and there would be no room to look westward.  There may be the possibility of mobilized armed independence, expelled the Han Chinese, and achieved a majority vote in Xinjiang.  But do you have the ability to drive out the Han and Hui nationalities in Xinjiang, both having the upper hand number and strength?  Please do not deceive yourself and others.  Will the international community support a new genocide?  Do the Uyghur people and people of other ethnic groups support this genocide?  I do not believe so.  Do you believe so? 


The Palestinian Arabs cannot exterminate the Jewish nation.  The international community does not allow them to practice terrorism either.  Religious and ethnic extremist organizations will only bring disasters to people of all ethnic groups.  This is true in the past, this is true at present, and this is true in the future. 


Because your friends’ rumors, slanders, and attacks on me in public have spread all over the world, and I don’t have the time and energy to refute and correct each of them, I have to respond in this form of an open letter altogether.  I hope that there will be rational discussions between us, instead of personal attacks with prejudice and rumors. 



Wei Jingsheng 

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Original letter from Mr. Dolkun Isa to Ms. Ciping HUANG:


Dear Ciping,


I hope you are well. Recently, I was shocked to learn Weijingsheng's statements about Uyghurs. Quite a lot of people like me thought he was a leader of Chinese democracy movement. In the past, I witnessed his support to the Uyghurs, Tibet movement, and he respected Self-determination rights, even said that he fully supported East Turkistan Independence. However, his recent statements hurt not only Uyghurs, but also disappointed so many democracy and human rights activists around the world. I got so many messages.


What is the reason for this sudden change? Or were his past statements not true? Or he pretends to be a democracy leader?


Which face is his real face?


There is no difference between China's foreign ministry spokesman and Wijingsheng.

I am deeply disappointed with his strong Chinese nationalist, imperialistic ideas.


I look forward to hearing from you.


All the best,





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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article: A1383-W992



Release Date: May 23, 2021



Topic: Wei Jingsheng’s Letter to Dolkun Isa and the World Uyghur Congress



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)





































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