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Release Date: June 22, 2021



Topic: NTD Exclusive Interview with Huang Ciping -- [Voice of Influence] Interview With a Former Nuclear Physics Expert, Who Witnessed the Terrible Nuclear Leaks and CCP’s Ignorance of Human Lives



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NTD Exclusive Interview with Huang Ciping:

-- [Voice of Influence] Interview With a Former Nuclear Physics Expert, Who Witnessed the Terrible Nuclear Leaks and CCP’s Ignorance of Human Lives



(Note by the editor: on June 18, 2021, the New Tang Dynasty broadcast its exclusive interview with Huang Ciping, which reached more than 150,000 views just on the NTD YouTube channel within 2 days:



Duration 43:45


[New Tang Dynasty News, June 18, 2021] Hello, everyone, and welcome to the "Voice of Influence" on Friday (June 18). This is Lin Lan (hostess).


Today’s focus: An interview with a former nuclear physics expert: The terrible leaks at the China Institute of Atomic Energy, that the guards did not know about, her colleagues stole American neutron bomb technology, and the militarization of civilian nuclear power plants.  She witnessed the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) illegally transferring nuclear technology to Pakistan.


Recently, at the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in Guangdong, China, there was a suspected "fuel rod shell damage" that caused an increase in the concentration of "inert gas" in the "cooling system" of the reactor.  The CCP did not notify the outside world until the French partner of the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant wrote a letter to the US Department of Energy for help.  Thus the news was propagated to the media and was made to public.


The incident has once again aroused the attention of the outside world to nuclear safety in China.  Today we have Ms. HUANG Ciping, who worked at the "China Institute of Atomic Energy", to talk about what she knows about China's nuclear safety issues.


The following are the host’s questions and Huang Ciping’s main points.


Hello, Ms. HUANG Ciping, and welcome to our program.


Can you briefly introduce yourself to the audience and friends?


0:57 Huang Ciping: I entered the Department of Modern Physics of the University of Science and Technology of China at a young age, mainly studying and researching nuclear physics.  After graduation, I worked at the China Institute of Atomic Energy, trying to become the Madame Curie of China.  Later, as I promoted democracy and freedom in China, the life, safety and health of the people became a point of my concern.  Especially after the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, there were nuclear leaks, about which there were only a few reports in recent years.


China's Nuclear Power Plants Under Construction Are the Largest in the World


1. China has been building nuclear power plants for several consecutive years.  The scale of the nuclear power plants under construction is the largest in the world every year.  If this trend continues, it is expected that by 2030, China's nuclear power capacity will surpass the United States to become the largest nuclear power country in the world.  Yet at present, almost all the nuclear power plants in China are built in densely populated coastal areas, including five in Zhejiang and four in Guangdong.  Therefore, their nuclear safety is a matter of great concern to the outside world.


According to your understanding, how high is the safety factor of nuclear power in China?  From the first commercial nuclear power plant to the present, there has been no news of medium and high-level safety incidents.  What is the actual situation?  Where is the hidden danger?  Can you provide first-hand information?


3:25 Huang Ciping: As a former nuclear physicist, I consider nuclear power a positive product for mankind. But because of China’s potential for nuclear accidents and even nuclear meltdown, I am very concerned about China’s construction of nuclear power plants, especially that most are built in the densely populated areas in China now.  The old Chinese saying goes: one is not afraid of ten thousand, but one in ten-thousand.  For example, when the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, China’s first nuclear power plant was constructed, they cut corners and did not place more than 100 steel reinforcing bars in the construction.  This is likely to cause catastrophic consequences.  In early 2018, there were already reports that the carbon content of the steel used in the roofs for the EPR reactors in the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant that need to withstand a lot of pressure exceeded the standard by more than 30%.  In other words, the steel will become very brittle under extreme temperature and pressure, which constitutes a serious hidden danger to safety.  Similar type of nuclear power plants have been delayed in France, Finland, and the United Kingdom for similar reasons.  Especially, if something goes wrong at the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant that is the focus of attention this time, 50,000,000 people including Hong Kong and Macau will be affected, and the consequences will be terrible.  But the CCP always lacks respect for human lives and rights.


There Were Nuclear Accidents in the Sichuan Earthquake in 2008


2. In addition to the security of civilian nuclear facilities, the security of military nuclear facilities is a more sensitive and confidential issue.  Wang Yiren, deputy director of the National Defense Science and Industry Bureau of the Communist regime in China, said on CCTV in February 2017 that the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake had a situation similar to the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan.  "At that time, the power was cut off, the cooling pool cracked, with the possibility of the reactor core being exposed."


That almost led to a nuclear leakage accident.  But the Chinese government officials had never announced it for as long as 9 years (before 2017).  There are no nuclear power plants in Sichuan Province, so it is speculated that it is a secret military nuclear facility.


According to the information you have, what is the safety of China's military nuclear facilities?


10:31 Huang Ciping: The CCP placed some nuclear institutions and nuclear warheads in areas around Wenchuan where the geological structure is unstable.  As a result, there were accidents and leaks during the Wenchuan earthquake in May 2008.  At that time, several days later, well-dressed biochemical/nuclear troops were seen entering, but the leaks and even the deaths were only revealed in the past few years.


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15:10: Huang Ciping: The CCP has military bases and research institutes in Gansu, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Southwest China and other places.  The CCP despises human rights and life.  It engaged in nuclear and biochemical experiments on healthy young soldiers, for it to obtain precious scientific data.  It also caused these young people’s life tragedy and even death -- some of them were buried in Lop Nur and other old nuclear experiment sites.  In the similar way, the CCP built nuclear power plants so close to so many people.  Once a nuclear meltdown occurs, the consequences will be disastrous.


18:00: Huang Ciping: There are some events I personally experienced and understood when I was at the China Institute of Atomic Energy, including the fact that the armed police guards did not have the most basic scientific knowledge, and so on.


The CCP Concealed the Nuclear Accident?


3. The safety of nuclear facilities is one aspect, and the other aspect is information transparency.  Do you know of such first-hand information/cases that the CCP concealed information about the nuclear accident?


21:55: Huang Ciping: Residents near nuclear power plants in the United States will be informed, educated, and even provided first aid measures. But the CCP never is transparent and did not do so… 


4. Nuclear safety also includes preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons.  The CCP joined the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in 1992.  According to your understanding, how is the actual implementation of the treaty?


23:05: Huang Ciping: While working at 401 China Institute of Atomic Energy, I saw the CCP exporting nuclear technology to Pakistan.  I became so worried about nuclear proliferation, and this helped me to turn to support democracy and freedom in China.  The CCP’s proliferation of nuclear technology to Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, and even Myanmar is actually very irresponsible, and it also brings insecurity to world peace.


Where Does China's Nuclear Technology Come From?


5. Where does China's nuclear technology come from?  The CCP claims to rely on independent research and development and self-reliance.  But we know that 10 of the 23 core scientists who were the first batch to help China’s "two bombs and one satellite" projects returned to China from the United States (several of them were later persecuted to death during the Cultural Revolution).


Even in recent years, such as in 2019, a 66-year-old Chinese American Szuhisiung Ho, a consultant of the China General Nuclear Power Group, a company directly managed by the CCP Central Committee, was charged in the United States for conspiring with China General Nuclear Power to steal U.S. nuclear Technology.  He has also pleaded guilty.  In the development of the CCP’s nuclear technology, is the theft of intellectual property an isolated case?


29:34 Huang Ciping: The theft of nuclear technology by the CCP is part of its systematic and strategic planning and development, and it also includes other advanced science and technology, including biological and chemical research.  From receiving official support from the Soviet Union in the early days of the Chinese Communist regime of 1950’s, to stealing scientific and technological intelligence from Western countries in the later days, I personally know the experts from the CCP’s weapons department in the 401 Institute who stole neutron bomb technology from the United States.  Some details were also disclosed in the Cox Report 22 years ago.


6. The “China General Nuclear Power” that steals from the United States was nominally a civilian nuclear power company, but in 2019, the Trump administration added CGN to the export control blacklist because it was determined that the company gained technology from foreign supply businesses in the name of civil nuclear cooperation and then transferred it for the CCP military use.  According to your understanding, is the so-called "military-civilian integration" practice in the nuclear field a CCP custom?


33:33 Huang Ciping: The CCP has always taken the people hostage, including using the civilian application banner for military use, such as making plutonium produced by nuclear power plants into small nuclear warheads and nuclear weapons.  Therefore, as early as the construction of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, China and France negotiated for several years over the specific terms of how to deal with "nuclear waste" that could be turned into weapon grade material for nuclear heads.  "Nuclear waste" is also a major issue in negotiations with Iran.  There must be some specific scientific and technological content that the CCP wants from this Taishan incident this time, but it is taking 50 million people as hostages.


What Are the Security Challenges for the United States?


38:29 Huang Ciping: Now the international society has finally woken up.  Although it is late, it can still make up for it.  The uneasy situation is related to the West’s decades long appeasement policy to CCP.  Even the current Taishan Nuclear Power Plant and the CCP virus are the results of the CCP cooperating with the West.  Although the Soviet Union has ended, the Communist states especially China actually posed an even greater threat.


Will China Being the World's Most Advanced Nuclear Power Country be a Blessing or a Curse to the Chinese people?


7. As a country with nuclear weapons and the world's most aggressive nuclear power projects, is the CCP a blessing or a curse for the Chinese people?


40:40 Huang Ciping: This is not a good thing under the CCP dictatorship.  For example, at the Taishan Nuclear Power Station, the most important thing to do now is to stop the nuclear reactor to avoid a major accident, even meltdown.  But for its goals, the CCP will not do that.  It simply raises the acceptable limits, which have more than doubled.  In order to punish Australia, the CCP does not import coal from there, so currently China is in short supply of electricity.  The proliferation of the CCP’s nuclear weapons to Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, and even Myanmar will have terrible consequences.  Looking at the current CCP virus spreading all over the world, it is a confirmed reality.


Okay, thank you very much for the information and analysis brought by Ms. Huang Ciping, and thank you again for participating in our program.  Today's program ends here.  Thank you for watching.  If you liked our program, please help to praise, subscribe, and forward our channel so that more people can see the real and timely information.  Let’s talk about news and see you at the same time next week.


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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article: A1399-W1002



Release Date: June 22, 2021



Topic: NTD Exclusive Interview with Huang Ciping -- [Voice of Influence] Interview With a Former Nuclear Physics Expert, Who Witnessed the Terrible Nuclear Leaks and CCP’s Ignorance of Human Lives



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)














Duration 43:45

















057 黃慈萍:年少時進入中國科學技術大學近代物理系學習,主要是核子物理方面的學習與研究,之後到中國原子能研究院工作,努力希望成爲中國的居里夫人。在之後推進中國民主自由時,老百姓的生命安全及健康成了我關注的要點。尤其是2008年汶川地震後,發生的核泄漏事件,到最近才有所報道。


中國在建核電機組規模 全球第一






325 黃慈萍:正因爲中國潛在的核事故甚至核熔毀問題,作爲前核子物理學家,並且認爲核電對人類是正面的,卻發對中國建造核電站,尤其是現在這樣在中國人口稠密的地區建造這許多。用中國的古話說,是不怕一萬,就怕萬一。如中國建成的第一個核電站,大亞灣核電站在建造時卻偷工減料,少了一百多根鋼筋,這很可能造成災難性的後果。而2018年初就有過報道,臺山核電站壓水堆的要承受很大壓力乃至高溫的頂蓋所用鋼的含碳量超標30%多。也就是說鋼會變得很脆,給安全埋下嚴重隱患。類似的核電站在法國、芬蘭、英國都被延遲了。尤其是這次被關注的臺山核電站,如一旦出事,就會有包括香港、澳門在內的50000000人口會受到影響,後果十分可怕。但中共一向缺乏對人的生命與權利的尊重。








1031 黃慈萍:中共將一些核機構及核彈頭等放在地質結構不穩定的汶川一帶的地區,以致20085月汶川大地震時就有事故與泄露。當時幾天後就看到穿著齊備的生化部隊進入,但有關泄露乃至人員死亡只是在這幾年才有所透露。



Readers' Responses and Military Industrial Sites around the Sichuan Earthquake Area that People Should Take Precaution of -- Ciping HUANG

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1800 黃慈萍:有關自己在原子能研究院時親身經歷與瞭解的幾件事,包括看守的武警沒有最基本的科學常識,等等。






2155 黃慈萍:在美國核電站附近的居民都會受到相應的告知、教育,乃至急救措施。但中共从不是透明的,也沒這樣做。。。












2934 黃慈萍:中共偷竊核技術是其系統性、戰略性策劃與發展的一部分,而且還包括其他先進的科學技術包括生化研究等。從中共早期的1950年代得到蘇聯的官方支援,到後期到西方國家偷取科技情報,我親身得知401所裏中共的武器部專家從美國偷竊中子彈技術等。有關細節在22年前Cox報告中也有所披露。




3333 黃慈萍:中共將老百姓做人質,是一貫做法。包括打著民用旗號,進行軍事用途,如將核電站産生的鈈做成小型的核彈頭、核武器。因此早在大亞灣建造時,爲了“核廢料”的具體處理,中法就談判了好幾年,因爲所謂核電站的核廢料能成爲軍用的核彈頭。“核廢料”處理也是與伊朗談判的一項主要問題。這次臺山問題中一定有中共想得到的具體科技內容,但這是以5千萬的老百姓爲人質。




3829 黃慈萍:現在國家社會終於醒過來了。雖然晚了些,但還可以亡羊補牢。不安的現況與幾十年來西方對中共的綏靖政策有關,連目前的臺山核電站及中共病毒也都是和西方合作學習後的結果。儘管蘇聯結束了,但共産國家尤其是中共其實造成更大的威脅。


全球最突進的核電大國 對中國人是福是禍?




4040 黃慈萍:中共一黨專制下,這並非好事。比如臺山核電站,現在最該做的是停下核反應爐,避免重大事故尤其是核熔毀的發生。但中共爲了其目標,不會那麽做,只是簡單地提高放射性限值,已經兩倍都不止了。中共爲了懲罰澳大利亞,不從那裏進口煤炭,所以現在全國電力都很缺乏。而中共的核擴散至巴基斯坦、伊朗、北朝鮮、甚至緬甸,都會有很可怕的後果。看看目前中共病毒傳遍全世界,就是被證實了的現實。






























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