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Release Date: May 25, 2022



Topic: [Sino Euro Voices] Announcement on the Commemoration for the 33rd Anniversary of "June 4th Massacre" in 2022



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 [Sino Euro Voices] Announcement on the Commemoration for the 33rd Anniversary of "June 4th Massacre" in 2022


-- Tian Mu (organizing and editing)



Why don't people forget about "June 4th Massacre"?  Why is it a forever memory for the Chinese?


In a dictatorial country, freedom, democracy and human rights will never see the light of day, and there will be no individual way out from under the violence and coercion.  The Chinese have been locked in the “Family-World” and “Party-World” dictatorships for thousands of years and were unable to break away to step into the enlightened and sunny "people’s world".  In 1978, Wei Jingsheng proposed "political democratization", which is the direction pursued by the Chinese people yesterday, today and tomorrow.  The "June 4th" spirit in 1989 was the starting point of the Chinese dream and Chinese soul, like the hope and motivation that will always flow in the blood of the China nation.


The 33rd anniversary of "June 4th Massacre" is another anniversary coming.  The persistent Chinese democracy activists are rational and firm pursuers.  In the past 33 years, the overseas Chinese democracy movement has become a living force with “its flag that will not fall, its team that will not be scattered, and its voices that will continue to rise, while applying its unabated pressure."


There are many problems in China, including the National Security Law that has overridden Hong Kong's Basic Law, that have seriously damaged Hong Kong's liberal and legal order.  From time to time, the Chinese Navy and Air Force dispatch a large number of warships and military aircraft to patrol and conduct military exercises around the island of Taiwan, seriously threatening and harassing the social order and safety of Taiwan, and affecting and disturbing the normal life of the Taiwanese people.  Human rights persecution in Tibet is still very serious.  In recent years, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has intensified its suppression in Tibet, arresting, imprisoning, sentencing, beating, maiming, and even killing countless Tibetans.  The CCP’s coercion against Tibetans’ language, culture, and religion with Chinese characters is getting worse and worse.


The human rights persecution of Uyghurs in Xinjiang is also continuing.  More than one million Uyghurs are detained in so-called "re-education camps", which are actually concentration camps and are characterized as "genocide" by many countries.  In southern Mongolia, ethnic conflicts and other conflicts occur from time to time.  In order to maintain the Mongolian language, traditional culture, folk customs, and other lifestyles, the Mongolian nationalities have struggled unrelentingly for decades.  All in all, if the CCP does not fall, if a Chinese constitutional democratic system is not established, the people will continue to be oppressed under the dictatorship; unable to breathe, unable to lift their heads, without freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and freedom of choice...


This year is the third "June 4th Massacre" commemorative online video conference held by the global democracy movement.  The "June 4th Spirit" is the rallying call, the driving force.  The annual commemorative event is also a time of self-assessment and firm belief and pace of the pro-democracy activists.  Only by uniting, persevering, and cooperating, and working together to overthrow the CCP's autocratic system, will we all have hope for tomorrow and a future!


This year's commemorative activities will be attended by:

Wei Jingsheng (USA), Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition;

Wang Dan (USA), student leader of the 1989 Democracy Movement;

Jhy-Wey Shieh (Germany), Taiwanese Ambassador to Germany;

Tsering Namu (India), a member of the Tibetan People's Assembly;

Hu Ping (USA), famous theorist in the democracy movement;

Tienchi Martin-Liao (Germany), Vice Chairman of the Peace Committee of PEN International;

Wang Juntao (USA), Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese Democracy Party;

Marie Holzman (France), French Sinologist; Pastor Roland Kühne (Germany);

Makino Seishu (Japan), Japanese politician, former Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry of Japan, President of Japan Supporting Tibet Federation; and

Margarete Bause (Germany), former Federal Parliament Member of the German Green Party.


Yeau-tarn Lee (Taiwan), former professor of Taiwan National Chengchi University;

Chien-yuan Tseng (Taiwan), Chairman, Taiwan Chinese Democratic Academy Association;

Xi Haiming (Germany), Chairman of Inner Mongolia People's Party;

Yongmei Cai (Hong Kong), former editor-in-chief of "Open" magazine in Hong Kong;

Ciping HUANG (USA), Secretary-General of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition;

Jamyang Tsering (India), editor-in-chief of Tibet.net of Department of Information & International Relations, Central Tibetan Administration;

Tsultrim Gyatso (USA), Chinese Liaison Officer, Office of Tibet, Central Tibetan Administration;

Andreas Bummel (Germany), Chairman of Democracy Without Borders;

Enver Can (Germany), Uyghur, Chairman of the Ilham Initiative;

Li Hengqing (USA), student of the 1989 Democracy Movement;

Chen Liqun (USA), Vice Chair of the National Committee of Chinese Democracy Party;

Anna Wang (USA), Chairman of IPK Media;

Wang Weiluo (Germany), famous water conservancy expert;

Chang Ping (Germany), chief curator of the June 4th Memory - Human Rights Museum and a commentator;

Chen Weijian (New Zealand), editor-in-chief of Beijing Spring;

Wang Guoxing (Netherlands), convener for the Headquarters of the Federation for a Democratic China;

Liang Youcan (Australia);

Wang Jinzhong (Japan);

Gao Jian (Australia), head of the Melbourne Democracy Alliance.


Liu Weimin (France), Vice Chair for Chinese Democracy Party overseas;

Huang Hua (UK), advisor for Chinese Democracy Party in UK;

Huang Guanru (UK), Chair of Chinese Democracy Party in UK;

Perry Link (western USA), Sinology Professor for University of California at Riverside;

Liu Gang (Denmark), Deputy Secretary-General of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition;

Jiang Fuzhen (Netherlands), Secretary-General of Chinese Democracy Party Overseas Committee;

Yan Li (USA), Chairman of the US Headquarters of the Federation for a Democratic China;

Zhai Jiangtao (USA), Secretary-General of the US Headquarters of the Federation for a Democratic China;

Xiang Lin (Japan), Deputy Secretary-General of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition;

Pan Yongzhong (Germany), Editor-in-Chief of the Sino Euro Voices, etc. 

This commemorative event is not held in the name of any one organization.


2022 Global Online Video Conference Commemorating the 33rd Anniversary of "June 4th Massacre"


1. Time to start: June 4, 2022 (Saturday), the specific time around the world is:

New York time: 08:00,

Western USA Time: 05:00,

Berlin time: 14:00,

Hong Kong and Taipei time: 20:00,

Japan time: 21:00,

Australian time: 01:00 on the 5th,

New Zealand time: 02:00 on the 5th.


2. Conference via Zoom network


Using the Zoom network venue, the commemorative conference will be held for about 2 and a half hours.  A link to the conference will be available on Monday, May 30.  During the conference on Saturday, June 4, 2022, a live broadcast will be arranged at the same time, and those who do not speak will be able to attend the conference live through the Internet.


Moderators: Tienchi Martin-Liao, Li Hengqing



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Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release: A1472-O339



Release Date: May 25, 2022



Topic: [Sino Euro Voices] Announcement on the Commemoration for the 33rd Anniversary of "June 4th Massacre" in 2022



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)

























參加今年紀念活動的有:中國民主運動海外聯席會議主席魏京生(美國)、八九民運的學生領袖王丹(美國)、台灣駐德國大使謝志偉(德國)、西藏人民議會議員次仁娜姆(印度)、民運界著名理論家胡平(美國)、國際筆會和平委員會副主席廖天琪(德國)、中國民主黨全國委員會主席王軍濤(美國)、法國漢學家瑪麗•侯芷明(法國)、牧師羅蘭德•庫納(Roland Kühne,德國)、日本政治家、前日本經濟產業副大臣、日本支持西藏聯合總會會長牧野聖修、德國綠黨前聯邦議員瑪格麗特•鮑斯(Margarete Bause,德國)。


前台灣政大教授李酉潭、台灣華人民主書院協會理事長曾建元、內蒙古人民黨主席席海明、原香港《開放》雜誌主編蔡詠梅(香港)、中國民主運動海外聯席會議秘書長黃慈萍(美國)、藏人行政中央宣傳部西藏之頁主編蔣揚次仁(印度)、藏人行政中央駐美華人聯絡官慈誠嘉措(美國)、民主無疆界主席安德列斯•布梅爾(Andreas Bummel,德國)、維吾爾伊力哈木倡議會長恩弗爾•詹(Enver Can,德國)、八九民運學生李恒青(美國)、中國民主黨全國委員會副主席陳立群(美國)、光傳媒董事長王安娜(美國)、著名水利專家王維洛、時事評論作家、六四記憶人權博物館總策展人長平(德國)、北京之春主編陳維健(新西蘭)、民主中國陣線總部召集人王國興(荷蘭)、梁友燦(澳大利亞)、王進忠(日本)、墨爾本民運聯盟負責人高健(澳大利亞)。


中國民主黨海外黨部副主席劉偉民(法國)、中國民主黨英國總部顧問黃華(英國)、中國民主黨英國總部主席王冠儒(英國)、美國加州大學河濱分校漢學教授林培瑞(Perry Link,美西)、中國民主運動海外聯席會議副秘書長劉剛(丹麥)、中國民主黨海外委員會秘書長姜福禎(荷蘭)、民主中國陣線美國總部主席顏荔(美國)、民主中國陣線美國總部秘書長翟江濤(美國)、中國民主運動海外聯席會議副秘書長相林(日本)、歐洲之聲主編潘永忠(德國)等等,本次紀念活動不以組織名義舉辦。































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