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Release Date: June 11, 2022



Topic: Beiming: Let the Fire of Freedom Rise From the Pool of Blood! -- Speech at the "Commemoration of the 33rd Anniversary of the June 4 Massacre" in Washington DC 

标题:北明:讓自由之火從血泊中升起來! -- 在華盛頓DC“六四大屠殺33週年紀念會”上的發言


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Beiming: Let the Fire of Freedom Rise From the Pool of Blood! 

-- Speech at the "Commemoration of the 33rd Anniversary of the June 4 Massacre" in Washington DC 

June 4, 2022 



Thank you, Ms. Huang Ciping, and the organizer of this event, Independent Federation of the Chinese Students and Scholars (IFCSS), as well as the co-sponsors: the Wei Jingsheng Foundation, Dialogue China, the National Committee of the Chinese Democracy Party, Greater Washington Network for Democracy in China (GWNDC), and the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition.  Thank you also to the friends who are enduring the scorching sun, standing in the front row, and holding up banners and placards. 


Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, after the Chinese nation was hijacked in 1949, society became a mess.  However, the Tiananmen democracy movement in Beijing in 1989 was an event in which people from all walks of life were united.  This event shows the extraordinary heart and image that this nation usually hides. 


During April and May 1989, the Chinese who had always been expressionless on the streets suddenly changed into another kind of people: friendly, loving and trusting each other.  Before that, when two bicycles collided on the street, the two riders would be relentless, scolding each other and even fighting.  But in the spring of 1989, when they collided, they smiled at each other and took the initiative to apologize, as the experience made a deal for them to become friends.  Not to mention the heart-to-heart feeling of strangers; an extreme example was that in Beijing, with a population of 10 million, crime had completely disappeared: "thieves don't steal, hooligans don't make troubles...".  During that period, the Chinese authorities completely abolished the police, completely opened the door for criminals, expected traffic chaos with gangsters rampaged in order to make excuses to suppress the protest movement.  But the gangsters washed their hands cleanly, and abandoned evil for good.  They joined the tide of civilization, and consciously became good citizens.  People's attitude towards foreigners had also changed.  They were no longer mean or arrogant, and become calm, confident, friendly and comfortable.  Foreign reporters were very surprised by this sudden change.  Mike Chinoy, an American reporter for CNN who had been documenting this movement on the spot, later wrote his special feeling into his memories of 1989, calling it "China Live". 


Changes in the human era have never been achieved overnight, but Beijing had crossed an era overnight!  During this period, people did not go to study classes, nor the CCP school.  There was no reform through labor, nor propaganda and brainwashing.  They did not go to temples to retreat and meditate, nor listen to the priest preaching! -- In response to the sudden and peaceful disintegration of the huge Soviet empire in 1990, Westerners have asked a lot of whys.  But in response to such a sudden and dramatic change in the Chinese people, few people asked why. 


What is it that had such a magical power to create such a miracle?  How did it let a nation raised from the numbness of the quagmire, and the lotus emerged from the clear water, so noble, brave, and pure? 


I thought about it for a long time, and the final answer is one word composed by two Chinese characters: freedom. 


In those two months, Chinese people suddenly enjoyed freedom of speech: from the Triangle corner in Peking University to the Monument of the People's Heroes, from speeches at various rallies to banners and slogans on the streets, the Chinese people could finally speak freely in public the words they had been suppressed in their minds for 40 years.  They also enjoyed the freedom of movement: one million people walked freely in the streets for miles; large-scale and long-term free sit-ins in Tiananmen Square; in Beijing city intersections they freely persuaded soldiers not to advance on their military vehicles; during the hunger strike, all local residents came out with their pots and pans of food, and delivered porridge, water, and towels on their flatbed wagons...  They did their best to help the students on hunger strike.  After the shooting of the Massacre started, they braved a hail of bullets to save the wounded with hospital ambulances, local residents' tricycles, bicycles and other means... 


You must know that this is not the so-called “great freedom” like what was instigated by power groups out of class hatred like the Cultural Revolution, but the freedom to practice justice and humanity unhindered, and the freedom to release love and compassion unhindered. 


It was exactly this kind of freedom, even though it only lasted for a few dozen days, that allowed the enslaved people to experience human dignity, radiate the energy of civilization, and demonstrate China as a great nation.  It has achieved an unprecedented spiritual sunrise of the Chinese nation.  Such freedom is the panacea for the recovery of a terminally ill group, the reason for the noble behavior of human beings, and the energy reservoir for the nation to rebuild its civilization. 


Friends, we have been commemorating the victims of June 4th, 1989, every year on the day they fell, and condemning the brutal slaughter by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  We also want to see that seed of freedom symbolic to these fallen heroes – Let it rise from the pool of blood, develop, and live in the hearts of future generations to ensure that we ourselves do not become animals in the animal farm under continuous despotism and slavery, but become the driving force for the demolition of this savage estate. 


This concludes my speech.  Thank you all. 



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Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue Number: A1480-O343



Release Date: June 11, 2022



Topic: Beiming: Let the Fire of Freedom Rise From the Pool of Blood! -- Speech at the "Commemoration of the 33rd Anniversary of the June 4 Massacre" in Washington DC 

标题:北明:讓自由之火從血泊中升起來! -- 在華盛頓DC“六四大屠殺33週年紀念會”上的發言 


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)

















198945月两个月,街頭一貫面無表情的灰色的人們,突然變成了另外一種人,相互友善親愛信任。此前街上兩個自行車撞了,二人一定不依不饒,相互罵個鼻青臉腫甚至大打出手,可是那些日子撞了卻相互一笑、主動道歉,好像不打不成交那樣親切。且不說陌生人這種心心相映的感情,極端的例子是,一千萬人口的北京,犯罪現象完全消失了:“小偷不偷,氓流不流……”,當局全面撤銷警察,徹底打開犯罪空間,期待交通混亂的同時歹徒橫行,以便藉口鎮壓抗議運動。可是歹徒都金盆洗手、棄惡從善、加入了文明大潮,自覺地成了良民。人們對外國人的態度也為之一變,不再卑瑣或傲慢,變得從容自信、友好坦然。外國記者們對這種突變感覺十分驚訝,一直在现场記錄這場運動的美國CNN记者麦克•奇诺伊(Mike Chinoy)後來把他這種特別感受寫進了他的八九回忆,叫直擊中國。































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