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Release Date: June 6, 2022



Topic: Commemorating the 33rd Anniversary of the June 4 Massacre -- Wei Jingsheng 

标题:六四大屠杀33周年纪念 -- 魏京生


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Commemorating the 33rd Anniversary of the June 4 Massacre 

-- Wei Jingsheng 



Today we gather together to commemorate the June 4th Massacre.  What do we commemorate?  We commemorate those heroes who sacrificed their lives and were injured and maimed for the democratization of China and the protection of ordinary people from exploitation and oppression.  That is a spirit, a spirit of sacrifice that resists tyranny and dares to fight with one's life.  The spirit of altruism, a noble spirit of sacrificing oneself for the good and liberty of other people.  It's not the refined egoism defined by some utilitarians who would say this spirit has no use and can't become food to be eaten.  No matter how rich a slave may be, slavery is not a life for a human.  Freedom and dignity are rights known to mammals.  Sophisticated egoism will eventually degenerate into a rather shameful philosophy of slavery. 


It doesn't have to be such a profound theory, it's just hearing, seeing and seeing in everyday life, which has already made everyone understand what kind of gangster the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is that brings disaster to China and the Chinese people.  Although the brainwashing is very serious and the blockade is very strict, although people are afraid to speak the truth under the threat of violence from the CCP, those who satirize young people themselves have privately expressed their deep disgust for the tyranny of the CCP.  Most of the old, middle-aged and young Chinese of all walks of life have a negative view of the CCP.  Defiance is brewing, even above what was in 1989. 


Some people may be confused, either because they may be members of interest groups, or due to their ignorance.  They say that today's young people no longer know about the June 4 massacre, and only eat, drink, and have fun.  Most of the families in the year of 1989 had their members or relatives who participated in demonstrations across the China.  Could their descendants be so ignorant?  Impossible.  It is only because of the severe punishment of the CCP that they dare not speak the truth casually.  Since they were children, the Chinese were taught to only talk about limited truth to other people, and not to give out all.  This is the self-protection philosophy that the common people must abide by in the era when the fierceness of the tyranny is more vicious than the tigers. 


I see some foreign reporters asked Chinese about sensitive topics of June 4 Massacre on the phone.  Do Chinese people dare to tell the truth?  The surveillance, whistleblowers, and pervasive undercover CCP spy activities make people guard against people, including their own friends, anytime, anywhere.  Otherwise, like the well-known CCTV host Bi Fujian, he may be betrayed by his friends at any time, and he will die without knowing how. 


In the Zhou Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago, there was a brutal emperor who created an industry that rewarded informers and spies.  People were so frightened that they did not dare speak casually, and only dared to use their eye contact in the streets as a form to say hello.  They were afraid that a casual word would send themselves to prison.  It seems that the CCP not only learned from the fascism of the Soviet Union, but also inherited the state terrorism of our ancestors. 


We do not even need to talk about far and away events.  The recent incidents of women in chains, which uncovered human trafficking in the combination of government and businessmen, has aroused unusual protests in Chinese society.  CCP organizations at all levels are at a loss, with weak reactions.  The zero policy against the Wuhan Pneumonia virus has made life difficult for the people of Shanghai, and they complained about it.  The gongs and drums of resistance rang all over the streets in China.  The barbaric lawlessness of these people in big and white coats (who administrate COVID-19 tests and vaccines) far exceeded the level of the Red Guards and rebels of the Cultural Revolution, and was comparable to the genocide of the Jews by Nazi Germany.  The economy is down, while the Wolf Warrior diplomacy has offended the world, and trade relations are gradually tightening, and so on. 


All these events have caused the dissatisfaction of the common Chinese to rise, and the constant resistance has become more and more intense.  Chinese society is accumulating and brewing a greater resistance movement.  We, the Chinese overseas, must do a good job of cooperating with propaganda overseas, and be prepared to go back to China to fight with the Chinese people.  When the CCP collapses, it will be the day when a democratic and free social system will be established.  Don't believe those pessimists.  Without the Communist Party, China would only be governed better.  The most important thing is that the Chinese people can be liberated and can live freely.  They would be happier than being a rich slave. 



(This English version is translated by Ciping HUANG, without any compensation.  Wei Jingsheng and the Wei Jingsheng Foundation appreciate her decades of contribution, especially for allowing the use and distribution of her translations of these commentaries.)


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(Written on and recorded June 2, 2022.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia on June 3, 2022.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article: A1477-W1071



Release Date: June 6, 2022



Topic: Commemorating the 33rd Anniversary of the June 4 Massacre -- Wei Jingsheng 

标题:六四大屠杀33周年纪念 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生

































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