At WJSF, we believe it is urgent to organize independent unions in China, legally and free from government’s control. This is in accordance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all of which the Chinese government, controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agreed upon.


Workers belong to one of the weakest social groups, without appropriate organizations that have the purpose of protecting their social and economic interests, workers are powerless against oppressive official apparatus and business corporations. Furthermore, in China, CCP was found within union movement, thus the CCP understand the influence of union - socially and politically. Indeed, not surprisingly, the CCP prohibits all non-governmental worker unions. Consequently, under the Chinese laws, self organized and independent unions are unlawful and its members will face strong penalty charges and prison sentences.  


At WJSF, we believe in order to protect all Chinese workers’ internationally recognized rights, which are co-signed, however abused by the Chinese government on a daily basis, it is urgent to create civil society based independent organizations that are focusing on a lawful and peaceful struggle toward: workers’ right to peaceful assemble without restriction, freedom from arbitrary arrest of strikers, to have legal assistance for all detained workers and free choice of employment for all workers.

Our work focuses on:

  • To assist Chinese workers' fights for their basic rights by all means

  • To tear down the Chinese totalitarian regime's information iron wall, to inform Chinese labor activists about events from in and out side of China through technological means

  • To build up a stronger labor networking web, so that Chinese non-governmental labor movement could be more represented and organized

  • Establish a healthy non-governmental civil society, thus enabling the teaching of labor laws to all workers who want to defend their rights by peaceful and legal means

  • Pressuring Western government, and reappelling the international community' attention on Chinese workers fights for their basic human rights


  Chinese Coal Workers


劳 联 产 联 总 部 讲 演 稿                     

魏 京 生 1998. 1. 29


 执笔人蔡崇国 2002118


Giving Speech at the UN


infected workers

Brief Labor News from China:


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March 19, 2002 Copyright 2002 REUTERS


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March 18, 2002 Copyright 2002 THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


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March 17, 2002; Copyright 2002 Washington Post


Leaner Factories, Fewer Workers Bring More Labor Unrest to China

BEIJING, March 18, Copyright 2002 The New York Times Company


Is Corporate America Culpable in Detention of China Labor Activist?


Two Chinese Labor Leaders Get Prison Terms
 By Philip P. Pan,  Washington Post, May 10,2003



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